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Why Ranchly?

If you're interested in where your beef came from, how it was raised, or if it’s an awesome cut of beef, we’ve got you covered. Ranchly is simply the easiest way to get great beef you feel good about, delivered from our ranch to your door. Ranchly comes to you straight from our family ranch – no middlemen and no warehouse. We know our cows are treated humanely because we're the ones raising them on our pastures. We know it’s good because it's what we eat around our family table.


Pasture raised


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happy cows, living life naturally 

Our cattle are pasture raised in the rolling foothills of the Allegheny Mountains. They enjoy lush pastures, spring-fed streams, and dense woods on our ranch properties. Our cows live their entire lives on pastures and are antibiotic and growth hormone free. When it's too cold for grass, we feed them hay, which we grow and harvest ourselves.

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Chef perfected


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Who we are 

For years, as a chef, Jon worked with local, independent ranchers to find the highest-quality beef. He learned that the best-tasting beef comes from happy, pasture-raised cows. In 2017, he left the restaurant industry to work with his family’s cattle ranch. He founded Ranchly to bring great-tasting beef from his family's ranch to you.